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The second in the Untitled series is a fragrance by Tristan Brando, the creator of Monyette Paris. As Luckyscent newsletter indicates, “We’re thrilled to continue this unique series with Tristan Brando, one of the premier perfumers in the country. Tristan really pushed the envelope and the fragrance is unique and addictive.” Franco Wright, co-founder of LuckyScent noted that “Untitled #2 isn’t your typical suntan oil and pina colada mix. It’s the simple float of crisp oceanic breeze, the floral and fauna awakening to the break of day.”

The Untitled series is a joint effort between LuckyScent and perfumers. Untitled #2 retails for $65 and will be sold exclusively in two outlets worldwide: online at LuckyScent and at Scent Bar in Los Angeles, the retail branch of It features notes of black coconut milk, green coconut, tahitian vanilla, madagascar vanilla, heliotrope, light driftwood musk, and Sicilian tangelo zest.

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