Francis Kurkdjian, Jean-Michel Duriez, Maurice Roucel : Their Fantasy Fragrances


I would imagine a fragrance that evokes her inner personality, her fragility, her quest for perfection and her sense of no compromise, the Absolute. … My vision would be a floral bouquet fragrance based on a tuberose accord, with a soft, spicy trail of fresh clove buds and green cinnamon bark that wraps your body and soul, the same way Maria Callas’s voice attracts you and gives you uncontrollable emotions,”  says Francis Kurkdjian in response to Marian Bendeth’s question about a custom fragrance for his favorite historical personage. Bendeth also interviews Christophe Laudamiel, Jean-Michel Duriez, and Maurice Roucel, all of whom give fascinating answers to this interesting question.

Read the article written by Marian Bendeth in Canada’s National Post (the layout of the piece is confusing due to the lack of a proper by-line. The first part of the article written by Iris Benaroia is a celebrity fragrance survey. To find the article I referenced above, simply scroll to the middle and start reading the part titled “Weekend Post.”) Thanks to Marian and Tatiana for the link!

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