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Top 10 of Summer Scents 2007


I detest the heat, but I love the scents of summer, from the warm, almost suffocating smell of the sun parched asphalt to the vivid green aroma of fresh tomatoes. The heat amplifies everything in the air, extending and twisting the facets of scents that are unobtrusive and subtle at other times. Below is my list of ten fragrances (in no particular order) that would make any summer day even better. Or any other day, for that matter…

1. Christian Dior Miss Dior

I find that many chypre fragrances embody the concept of jolie-laide (pretty-ugly), a beauty that it is oddly off key and yet incredibly striking. Wearing Miss Dior this summer, I am moved not only by its elegant form, but also by many of its twists—from the green sharpness of galbanum in the top notes to the animalic richness of the base. Its mossy, leathery drydown is addictive. These days, I find myself craving it more and more frequently.

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Robert Piguet Visa and Cravache Re-issue: New Fragrances


Robert Piguet’s already striking fragrance line–what can be more sensual than Fracas, more elegant than Baghari and more take-no-prisoners than Bandit–is about to see two more reissues from the archives, Visa and Cravache. Visa was created in 1947. The reissue includes notes of white vineyard peach, pear, violet leaves, Italian bergamot, yellow mandarin essences, ylang ylang absolute, rose, immortelle, orange flower absolutes. Indonesian Patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, moss, vanilla beans, benzoin and a gourmand leathery accord form the drydown. The original was a rich chypre-oriental, with a quite striking leather note.

Another re-issue is of Cravache, a citrusy-woody blend originating in 1963. The new formula includes the notes of mandarin, lemon, petit grain, clary sage, lavender, nutmeg, patchouli and vetiver. Given the excellent results with the reissues of other Robert Piguet classics, I expect that both Visa and Cravache live up to my expectations. All information from Robert Piguet. Both fragrances will be available in October.

Image: Design by Robert Piguet, 1937, from Robert Piguet.

Candide Effluve Guerlain : From the Archives

Guerlain lovers will have a chance to glimpse further into the archives of this venerable house by experiencing the reissue of Candide Effluve (True Redolence), a fragrance originally created by Jacques Guerlain in 1922. It was intended to connote the touch and presence of a young woman. Presented in the vintage smoked glass Baccarat flacon, the production of which dates from the 1933, Candide Effluve will be released as a limited edition of 97 pieces. 75ml extrait will be priced at 2000 euros/2860 USD. The fragrance is a classical Guerlain, floral-oriental with a lush spicy touch.

Now, I only hope that Guerlain will delight us next with Bouquet de Faunes, a truly magnificent fragrance. It is the sensation of darkness turned into the scent.

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