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Best of 2008 : Fragrances and Memories


Thinking about 2008, I immediately reflect on the olfactive impressions I collected over the course of the year. Sure, I had a chance to smell many interesting new launches and revisit old favorites, but the dominating memories of 2008 that made it a special year for me are not necessarily found in the bottle. They are the scents I found as I traveled, as I worked on new combinations of notes, as I cooked at home and danced at my ballet studio. I wanted to capture these memories to share them with you, therefore my list below will present my olfactive highlights of 2008, along with the photographs I took.


Henna  Ornaments



India: Weddings in India are indelibly linked to the ritual of mehndi, the application of henna paste in order to form designs on the hands and feet. The scent of henna with its soft leather and warm hay notes clings to the skin for days, if not weeks, as the henna stain wears off. Beautiful soothing aroma.

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Basenotes 9th Annual Fragrance Awards : Voting Opens


Basenotes have announced the opening of their annual consumer led awards. The Annual Basenotes Fragrance Awards offer the site’s 300,000 monthly visitors a chance to vote for a range of products across twelve categories including both feminine and masculine fragrances. The Annual Basenotes Fragrance Awards traditionally offers a prize to a randomly selected voter and this year that prize is a $250 gift certificate to spend on a selection of the thousands of products available at’s online store. Voting for the awards is open now until 21st January 2009. Votes can be registered at Basenotes. This year the categories are as follows:

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