Guerlain Belle de Nuit Holiday Collection : Vol de Nuit and Parure


Guerlain’s Holiday 2011 make-up collection Belle de Nuit takes inspiration from Vol de Nuit, a fragrance created in 1933 in homage to the brave aviators of the 1920s. Given my love of scented body powders, I am particularly anticipating Vol de Nuit Perfumed Shimmer Powder for Face & Body. The press release describes it as the light and luminous powder that “wraps the skin with a veil of iridescent shimmer while being deliciously fragranced by the notes that comprise Vol de Nuit: a green and woody composition, softened by vanilla and iris. The universal pale pink shade is accentuated with blue-green and silvery hues to leave the face, body and hair sparkling.  The bottle [pictured above] reinterprets that of the original Vol de Nuit, which was revolutionary at the time by being the first to combine glass and metal.  The green-blue lacquered glass is adorned with graphics reminiscent of a propeller, conjuring up the image of a plane traveling across the starry depths. $87.


Another fragrance inspired item is Parure de Nuit Pressed Powder & Blush. While it bears the name of Guerlain classic Parure, a rose, plum and woods composition, the powder is scented with violets. It is intended to be used as a highlighting powder to even out and illuminate the complexion. $67.

For those interested in more information on the collection, I am going to quote the rest of the press release. These items appear to be unscented cosmetics.

“Météorites Perles de Nuit- $56.00

The cult favorite is back and reinvented this holiday season. Although the formula remains untouched, Météorites Perles de Nuit leaves the face glowing and radiant with a new tailor-made harmony. Five perfectly smooth pearls correct, illuminate and even out the skin. It is composed of pink pearls to capture light, white to illuminate the complexion, gold to reflect light, orange to boost radiance and silver to add shimmer without whitening the skin.

Les Ombres de Nuit 4-Colour Palette – $59.00

Guerlain has developed a new color harmony made especially for night owls. The two textures create smoky, seductive and spellbinding eyes that will last from twilight to the deepest night hours. An iridescent texture of green, blue and grey pearlescent particles release luminous color with an extremely metallic finish and combine with an extra-matte black shadow that offers an incredibly comfortable finish for a precise, intense liner effect.

Limited Edition Shade: 10 Les Ombres de Nuit

Rouge Automatique – $35.00

The thirties icon Rouge Automatique is back and is more modern and attractive than ever. A homage to Art Deco, it has become this year’s indispensible accessory for women.  The case opens and closes at the flick of a hand revealing two new shades for holiday. Seductive, yet innocent, in Rouge Automatique, Guerlain has created a second-skin texture allowing for long-lasting wear.

Two limited edition shades:

169 Flirt d’un Jour: A soft and luminous pink, evocative of passionate kisses.

170 Nuit d’Amour: A surprising black red that reveals an intense plum color on the lips.”

 Guerlain’s Holiday Colour collection is going to be available in the beginning of October at select locations of Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman. Via press release


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  • Suzanna: That highlighting powder caught my eye over on Temptalia, but it’s the Rouge Automatique Nuit d’Amour I really want, and perhaps the Meteorites edition as well.

    Really glam collection, one of their very best. Makes me want to revisit Vol de Nuit, and pretend that it isn’t a pale shadow of its former self. September 7, 2011 at 8:21am Reply

  • Victoria: I love the color selection in the Rouge Automatique line, but the lipsticks are very drying. That being said, Nuit d’Amour caught my attention too. September 7, 2011 at 10:08am Reply

  • Ari: Soooo pretty!!! It’s a shame about that powder, though- I LOVE violet scents, but something so heavily scented would irritate all hell out of my skin. September 7, 2011 at 10:14am Reply

  • Victoria: I have not tried it myself yet, so I do not know how heavily it is scented. A previous edition of a similar product I have is scented with violets, but quite lightly. I generally dislike scented face products, but it does not bother me at all. September 7, 2011 at 10:16am Reply

  • Ari: That’s good to know, Victoria! Although at this point I wish they would just bring back the damn Meteorites perfume itself. Maybe the public is ready for violet fragrances again. That new Balenciaga is doing just fine, right? September 7, 2011 at 12:26pm Reply

  • Victoria: There are so many violet and iris fragrances this fall! I also miss Meteorites, which was such a lovely simple violet.
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile September 7, 2011 at 2:32pm Reply

  • Suzanna: A lot of new-ish lipsticks are very drying now. YSL lipsticks are terrible this way, Rouge Volupte in particular. Also, the Metier de Beaute line that gets raves left me with a dry-looking stain.

    I suppose it’s the opposite of the old greasy lipsticks that ran all over the teeth and bled into the liplines, but I can’t stay that it’s any improvement. September 8, 2011 at 7:48am Reply

  • Victoria: I hear you. I dislike the greasy feel of lipsticks even more, preferring a stain instead. September 8, 2011 at 11:23am Reply

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