The Story of the Lost Men’s Scents and Andy Warhol on Perfume

“It is difficult, not to say ruinously expensive, having any kind of meaningful, lasting relationship with Jules. The love and commitment are there on my part, but… well, not on Jules’s, alas.”

Gareth Wyn Davies explores the topic of discontinued men’s fragrances in his Telegraph article. Jules in question is the excellent Christian Dior’s fougere from 1980s.

I switch perfumes all the time. If I’ve been wearing one perfume for three months, I force myself to give it up, even if I still feel like wearing it, so whenever I smell it again it will always remind me of those three months. I never go back to wearing it again; it becomes part of my permanent smell collection.

In Forbes there are a few fascinating excerpts from interviews with Andy Warhol. Please see Would You Want A Permanent Smell Collection? for more.

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  • Martin: Great articles! I didn’t know about Warhol’s interest in perfume, I learned something new today. January 31, 2012 at 4:34pm Reply

  • Victoria: That was such an interesting quote. I now want to read the book about Warhol from which it was cited. January 31, 2012 at 5:23pm Reply

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