Perfume house Santa Maria Novella celebrates its 400th anniversary

Italian fragrance house and pharmacy Santa Maria Novella celebrates its 400th anniversary.

“The perfumer actually traces its roots back to 1221 by Dominican friars who cultivated medicinal herbs to make potions and balms. The company is housed in mediaeval halls with spectacular views on a cloister in the city centre. The fame of its products soon spread beyond the walls of the monastery and in 1612 the pharmacy opened its doors to the public under the patronage of the Medici family, which became an ambassador for the brand in royal courts.

When she married French King Henry II, Catherine de Medici (1519-1589) brought a bergamot-based perfume with her called “Eau de la Reine”, a revolutionary new fragrance which became wildly popular at the royal court. “Eau de la Reine” is still being produced by Santa Maria Novella, one of the products that has secured the success of the company despite the troubled world economy. In 2011, Santa Maria Novella’s turnover went up 37 percent.”

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