Rebuilding Ukraine Fundraiser : Winners

Our Ukraine fundraiser is now closed. Thought Group Chile and I are grateful for your generous contributions that allowed us to raise almost $5000. Cristián Wittig, the director of the group, will explain how these funds will be used to rebuild devastated Ukrainian cities.

“Thank you very much indeed for your generous and valuable donation and contribution to our cause. With your contribution we were able to continue developing the final part of our architectural proposals for the Memorial of the Civilian Victims of the Massacre in Irpin and Bucha, the New Public Library of Irpin, which, as you know, were awarded and selected to be built as soon as possible. Likewise, your help also allowed us to develop our proposal for the New House of Culture in Ivanivka, Chernihiv, which was officially presented to its authorities, being received with much gratitude, emotion and impression for the seriousness and quality of the proposal developed, and we obtained their approval and commitment to be built, as soon as possible, since it collects and reflects much of the essence of that local community, its requirements and desires for modernity and the future.
In parallel, as you may know, we are moving forward with the other conceptual architecture proposals commissioned by the City of Irpin (3 additional projects) and the City of Chernihiv (4 additional projects). As you can see, your contributions and those that will come in the future are absolutely essential in order to continue this extraordinary work of architecture for the reconstruction of Ukraine. We will remain in active contact to inform you of our progress.”
If you would like to support this project, please donate via the following link:
We will keep you updated on all of the new developments. My sincere hope is that once the war is over, we can organize a trip to Ukraine with Thought Group Chile to visit the places they helped to restore.

Now onto the winners of the contest.

Prize 1 the original-formulation Chanel 28, La Pausa, 200ml/6.8oz (courtesy of Victoria)

The winner is Gabriela

Prize 2 L’Artisan Perfumer Mimosa Pour Moi (courtesy of Annie)

a full bottle of this discontinued perfume in its box, without cellophane, but unused.

The winner is Jessica

Prize 3 Guerlain Shalimar (courtesy of Marc K)
Guerlain Shalimar EDT, 30 ml, in box, brand new

The winner is Lena

Prize 4 a refill bottle of Hermès Jour d’Hermès (courtesy of Perfumelover67)
125ml in its original box that is more than half full

The winner is Debra

Prize 5 Chanel, Neela Vermeire, Hermès (courtesy of Andrea)
Chanel No5 L’Eau 50ml (minus a few spritzes)
Neela Vermeire Mohur EdP o.5 fl.oz( brand new)
Hermès Concentre d’orange verte 0.5 fl.oz (minus a few spritzes)

The winner is Dana

Prize 6 Serge Lutens La Vierge de Fer (courtesy of Ursula)
a full bottle, boxed

The winner is Olivier

Prize 7 vintage Coty Chypre (courtesy of Vincent)
a rare gem, 1.75oz, almost full, boxed

The winner is Dorothea

Prize 8 Gallivant, a perfume of your choice (courtesy of Gallivant)
the winner picks a brand new bottle of perfume of their choice

The winner is Annikky

Prize 9 Shalini Iris Lumière (courtesy of Shalini)
a brand new bottle directly from Shalini

The winner is Ruth

Prize 10 Penhaligon’s Ostara (courtesy of Hamamelis)
a full bottle of (discontinued) Ostara, Penhaligon’s, brand new, in its lovely original box and cellophane.

The winner is Judith

Prize 11 Mizensir, Hermès, Aedes de Venustas (courtesy of rainboweyes)
Mizensir Tender Oud (full, in original box)
Hermès Osmanthe Yunnan (almost full, in original box)
Aedes de Venustas Iris Nazarena (used a few times only, in original box)

The winner is Vincent

Prize 12 Dior Bois d’Argent (courtesy of Amy)
A new, sprayed once or twice, 1.3oz bottle including box

The winner is Siobhain

Prize 13 Hermès Eau des Merveilles Bleue (courtesy of Adriana)
50ml, in its box, missing 2-3 sprays.

The winner is Tedde

Prize 14 Parfums Dusita Montri (courtesy of Parfums Dusita)
A brand new 50ml bottle of Montri

The winner is Sara I

Prize 15 Chanel No 19 EDP and Guerlain Mitsouko EDT (courtesy of Lauren)
Sprayed once, 50ml, boxed. Mitsouko is from the 1980s, almost full.

The winner is Robin.

Prize 16 Manos Gerakinis Rose Poetique (courtesy of Manos Gerakinis)
The founder of the eponymous Greek brand would love to offer a 100ml bottle of his Rose Poetique perfume.

The winner is Sandra

Prize 17 Papillon Salome and Yves Saint Laurent Libre Le Parfum (courtesy of Leslie)
Papillon Salome 1.7 oz new in box and Yves Saint Laurent Libre Le Parfum 1 oz new in box

The winner is Aditi

Prize 18 Andy Tauer Au Coeur Du Desert and Chanel no. 19 (courtesy of Leslie)
Andy Tauer Au Coeur Du Desert 1.7 oz new in box and Chanel no. 19 3.4 oz new in box

The winner is Melissa

Prize 19 Original Victoria by Victoria’s Secret and Areej Le Dore War and Peace II (courtesy of Leslie)
Original Victoria by Victoria’s Secret 1.7 oz new in box (discontinued) and Areej Le Dore War and Peace II 90% full (discontinued)

The winner is Cassandra

Prize 20 Areej Le Dore Agar de Oud and Areej Le Dore Siberian Summer (courtesy of Leslie)
Areej Le Dore Agar de Oud full but not in box (discontinued) and Areej Le Dore Siberian Summer full but not in box (discontinued)

The winner is Abby

Prize 21 Areej Le Dore Grandenia and Areej le Dore Malik Al Taif (courtesy of Leslie)
Areej Le Dore Grandenia full but not in box (discontinued) and Areej le Dore Malik Al Taif 90% full but not in box (discontinued)

The winner is Julia

Prize 22 Strangelove NYC Fall Into Stars and Nez 1+1 Adorem (courtesy of Melissa)
a 15 ml bottle of Strangelove NYC Fall Into Stars (90% full, with box) and a 15 ml bottle of Nez 1+1 Adorem (sprayed once, with box).

The winner is Sara-Sian

Prize 23 Miller Harris Etui Noir (courtesy of Marianne)
a 100ml bottle of Miller Harris Etui Noir, only tested once, virtually full.

The winner is Viktoriya

Prize 24 The Different Company Une Nuit Magnetique(courtesy of Leslie)
Une Nuit Magnetique, The Different Company, 3.4 oz, almost full, not in box

The winner is Natasha

Prize 25 Amber Khandjar, Une Nuit A Oman and Slowdive, Hiram Green(courtesy of Leslie)
Amber Khandjar, Une Nuit A Oman, 1.7 oz, 80% full, not in box
Slowdive, Hiram Green, 1.7 oz, full, not in box

The winner is Kimberley

Prize 26 Nomad Absolue de Parfum, Chloe and Tauer, L’air du Desert Marocain(courtesy of Leslie)
Nomad Absolue de Parfum, Chloe, 1 oz, full, not in box
Tauer, L’air du Desert Marocain, 1.7 oz, 90% full, not in box

The winner is Elizabeth

Prize 27 Chanel Bois des Iles Parfum  (courtesy of Natalie)

Chanel Bois des Iles Parfum .5oz/15 ml brand new in box and cellophane.

The winner is Sarah

Prize 28 Parfum d’Empire Le Cri 50 ml (courtesy of Andrea)
Boxed and minus a few spritzes

The winner is Mary

Prize 29 Diptyque Eau Rose EdT 20 ml (courtesy of Andrea)
Brand new and unopened

The winner is Ann

Prize 30 Guerlain Après L’Ondée EdT 100 ml (courtesy of Andrea)
Boxed and about 3/4 full

The winner is Diana

Prize 31 Atelier Cologne Patchouli Riviera (courtesy of Monica)
A 30 ml bottle, sprayed only twice. No box.

The winner is Koa

Prize 32 Strange Invisible Perfumes Moon Garden Pure Perfume (courtesy of Monica)
7.4ml, which is about 85% full.

The winner is Diana M

Prize 33 Air & Weather’s Linden (courtesy of Julia)
10 mL of Air & Weather’s Linden.

The winner is Huizhong

Prize 34 Ormonde Jayne Taif Eau de Parfum (courtesy of Natasha)
a nearby full bottle (sprayed only a couple of times) of Ormonde Jayne Taif Eau de Parfum, no box.

The winner is Kristen

I will contact the winners and prize contributors via email. Thank you to everyone who participated in this fundraiser.



  • Karen A: Congrats to all the winners and participants and you, Victoria, for putting such a terrific fundraiser together! March 27, 2023 at 9:13am Reply

    • Victoria: Thank you very much, Karen! March 27, 2023 at 10:49am Reply

  • Alityke: Well done to all concerned March 27, 2023 at 9:32am Reply

    • Victoria: An amazing effort! So proud of this community. March 27, 2023 at 10:49am Reply

  • Diana: Excellent. Thank you everyone everywhere March 27, 2023 at 11:10am Reply

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