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About Elisa Gabbert, Contributing WriterElisa Gabbert

My first brush with perfume greatness came in the form of a bottle of White Linen lotion. About 20 years later, I fell down the rabbit hole after reading Perfumes: The A to Z Guide cover to cover on a flight. Currently I live in Denver and am the content marketing manager at a small software company based in Boston. I also write poetry (with collections including The French Exit and The Self Unstable), and I am a founding member of Denver Poets’ Theater. You can also read my other writing at my blog, The French Exit.

About Andy Gerber, Contributing Writer

I am a student with a love of reading, writing, cooking, collecting and drinking tea, and growing plants of all kinds. At a young age, I developed a natural affinity to everything botanical, and my fascination has never waned since. My interest in the world of scents started a bit later, when I followed my nose out of the garden and into the nearby world of fragrant plants, which are currently my largest area of interest.

About Patricia Torelli, Contributing Writer

As a young teen, I graduated from my mother’s perfume table to my very own bottle of Miss Dior. This discovery started a lifelong love of perfume in general and green mossy fragrances in particular. After 30-plus years in the publishing industry, I now work helping out my husband in his office in Boston, Massachusetts. Besides perfume, I love reading long novels and spending many hours at the barn with my horse.

Marian Bendeth

Marian Bendeth, the founder of Sixth Scents, is a fragrance expert and consultant based in Toronto, Canada. Marian researches the relationship between fragrance preferences and personality, the emotional effects of perfume and the influence of body chemistry. She also write for a variety of Canadian and online publications such as Basenotes. She contributed an article called Signature Scent.

Daisy Bow

Daisy Bow recently completed her doctoral degree in French Literature from New York University, and she is currently teaching a course on French Food and Culture as part-time faculty at the New School. Her love affair with perfume began with Dune at the tender age of 14. She has smelled great ever since. Bois de Jasmin toured The Art of Scent Exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design in New York with her.

Anne-Marie C

Anne-Marie is a museum curator and historian living in Canberra, Australia. Her mother wore Yardley’s April Violets for over fifty years, and this is what sparked Anne-Marie’s interest in perfume. She wrote about Estée Lauder Private Collection.

Jolanta C

Jola is a graduate of the film studies department at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, and she works as a film script editor. She visited the Osmothèque in Versailles, France, and shared her experience with Bois de Jasmin.

Katherine F

Historian, researcher and writer, Katherine currently lives and works in Mumbai, India and travels widely throughout Asia. You can read further about her discoveries and adventures on her blog, Mumbai, Masala and More.She contributed an article about the flavors and scents of Laos, Bold Flavors of Laos : Spicy Laotian Beef Salad (Lab, Larb Recipe).


Jillie H

In Jillie’s own words, “I think I was born a perfumista! I toddled around smelling flowers and shrubs in the garden before I was two, and progressed to climbing up onto relatives’ dressing-tables to douse myself in their perfume. As soon as I got pocket money, I would save to buy cheap scent at Woolworth’s and ended up with a shoe box full of my precious possessions, which I would take out each day and sniff.” She lives in the UK. She contributed an article My Ideal Celebrity Perfume.


Courtney Humphreys

Courtney is a freelance journalist and author living in Boston, and she writes about science, health, and culture for a variety of publications. I especially recommend her article for Wired, Engineering Replacements for Essential Perfume Ingredients. Courtney became enamored with perfume after wandering into a Diptyque shop several years ago and smelling Philosykos, which immediately captured her attention. As she describes, “A quick web search on it led me to perfume blogs and reviews, and my journey went from there.”  Please see Courtney’s articles here.

Michelle Krell Kydd

Having completed her studies in perfumery and fragrance evaluation at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Michelle has worked in various capacities in the fragrance industry. Along with chef Bill Yosses and perfumer Christophe Laudamiel, Michelle was one of the organizers of the James Beard Foundation event that linked perfumery and gastronomy.

Michelle’s Articles:

Floral Pleasures in Chocolate

Green Oolong Teas of China and Formosa

Love Potion #99

Kouign Aman ~ The Breakfast of Perfumers

Saffron : The Flavor and Fragrance of Joy

The Magic of Sofrito Recipe

Vanessa Musson

Vanessa Musson is the charmingly eccentric author of Bonkers about Perfume. She is a freelance market researcher, specialising in industrial products.  She was struck down by “sudden onset perfume mania” relatively late in life, while googling a couple of scents worn by her friend. Her blog subjects everything in its path to the same bonkers spin, a must read! She visited London Perfumeries for Bois de Jasmin.

Elise Pearlstine

Wildlife ecologist and avid gardener, Elise Pearlstine has an intimate connection to the world around her through her diverse interests. Her philosophy may be summed by the word “bellyflowers” (also the name of her own blog.) Bellyflowers are aromatic wildflowers so tiny that you have to get on your belly to smell them. It is about slowing down and taking in your surroundings.

Elise shared with us her passion and enthusiasm for scented plants as well as her extensive knowledge of gardening.

Scented Garden Features:

Palmarosa : Rose and Citrus Scented Grass

Osmanthus or Tea Olive : Sunripened Apricots

Hyacinth : Favorite Spring Flower

Perfume Vocabulary : Enfleurage

Herbes de Provence and Escalivade Recipe

Exploring Edible Flowers : Hibiscus Sorbet Recipe

Freesia : Fragrant Flower for Scented Garden

Fragrant Antique Roses

Scented Geranium and Spiced Arancello Recipe

Vanilla Extract

Lauren Salisbury

A life-long lover of perfume, Lauren Salisbury has worked in the fragrance industry for nearly a decade, developing fragrances for many popular brands around the globe. She is now working as an evaluator for ScentAir Technologies, Inc. In her contribution, How Many Hands Touch Your Bottle of Perfume, she gave a glimpse inside a perfume lab. Please see other Lauren’s articles here.

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