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As a perfume industry professional with over 15 years of experience, I enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge. I have designed perfumery seminars for other professionals and collaborated with universities in Europe and North America to run fragrance conferences and workshops. Currently, I’m teaching perfumery and perfume history at ISIPCA. In the Bois de Jasmin lecture and seminar series, you will have access to my expertise, professional tips, and techniques in an informal setting. The courses are tailored to your interests and needs, and I look forward to meeting you!

The class size is small to ensure that everyone gets attention and a chance to interact. The class is run as a lecture interspersed with guided smelling exercises. My style of teaching is personal and interactive. You will have a chance to ask question throughout the class and there will also be an allotted time at the end for your questions on any fragrance-related topics.

These classes are for students of all levels of interest in perfumery. Since the class size is small, the seminar will be tailored to your interests.

Perfume Composition

The professional-level class is based on the classical perfumery training that teaches the fundamentals of perfumery construction. The key element of training features learning to build accords from different fragrance types and families. Each session focuses on a specific accord. I will explain each material and how it is used in perfumery. I will demonstrate iconic fragrances using this particular accord and share their history. Then I will give you simple exercises to learn creating their own accord.

At the end of your course, you will learn the key materials, their combinations and several accords that form the foundation of perfume structure. You will have a finished accord that you can use in shower gel, soap or bath salts.

All of the materials and tools will be provided. At the end of the course, you will take home all of the samples you made.

Cologne (Citrus) Accord

Class location: Brussels

Date: to be decided with participants

Class duration: 2.5 hours

170€/per person

Amber Accord

Class location: Brussels

Date: to be decided with participants

Class duration: 2.5 hours

170€/per person

Chypre Accord

Class location: Brussels

Date: to be decided with participants

Class duration: 2.5 hours

170€/per person

Perfumes That Influenced Fragrance History

This seminar will give you a rare chance to smell legendary perfumes in their original formulations. You will have access to my perfume collection and try iconic fragrances from Caron, Guerlain, Coty and Chanel. You will also explore some of the best materials used by fragrance industry professionals and discover why your nose is more sensitive than the most sophisticated machine.

We will step back in time, smell some of the iconic fragrance or examples of interesting genres from the past and also talk about people who made perfumes. Although contemporary perfume marketing focuses on perfume as a luxury item (or a tool for seduction), scents are more complex than this. A bottle of perfume contains an artistic message. It tells you something about the aesthetics of its time. Tastes of its contemporaries. Advances in science and trends in art and fashion had a big impact on the development of perfumery and on how perfumers were able to translate words and visions into scents. Together we will learn the evolution of perfume history by studying some of the most iconic examples of the perfumery art in their original formulations. You will also perform exercises to sharpen their sense of smell.

Class location: Brussels

Date: to be decided with participants

Class duration: 2.5 hours

200€/per person

To register, please  email me.


– Familiarity with iconic fragrances in their original formulations

– Approach tailored to your interests and needs

– Learning in an informal, interactive setting

– Meeting other fragrance lovers

– A deeper understanding of perfumery and your sense of smell

– Professional tips for smelling, testing, and wearing perfume

– Stories about ingredients, perfumers, and perfumery world


My personal favorite part of Victoria’s class, as a novice, is learning how to experience scent – to distinguish different fragrances, to commit them to memory, to know when a fragrance is evolving or sometimes oscillating between two scents and so much more. And each of the three times I have attended her class, I learn new techniques, new scents and gain more appreciation of the art of perfume.  –David

As a participant of last year’s course, let me speak up for how much knowledge, pleasure, discovery and camaraderie one short week can contain. Highly recommended, because each individual designing this experience for you is full of love and passion and knowledge for the region and the material.   –Meg Jamieson

I am so glad I went to the course and be guided by Victoria with her vast knowledge on scents and perfumes. I got to learn the basics of the different fragrance families and how to differentiate between white florals and other florals. And within white florals, how to distinguish one from the other. This was so fascinating and very intriguing and was the best part of the course. I also learnt what happens if you combined two scents and how it enhances the overall smell. –Ruth Q

As a professional fragrance evaluator in a cosmetic company, I found Victoria’s class the most interesting and inspiring one among many perfumery classes that I took. I was very surprised by Victoria’s intimate knowledge about perfumes and her brilliant tips to analyze fragrances. I enjoyed every details of this class.  –Pema

Lecture and Seminar Policies

Cancellation, Refund and Dropping a Course policy

The classes are non-refundable. If you cannot attend a session, you can transfer your booking to another session of the same or different class.

How close to the course start date can I enroll?

Provided space is available, you can enroll up to the start of the first session. However, personal consultations or courses that include a mail-order kit of materials, require an advance booking (minimum 2 weeks).

Privacy policy and recordings

Student recordings of online classes are not permitted. However, depending on the seminar, you will receive the necessary reading materials. For the privacy policy, please refer to our privacy policy page.

Can I purchase a course as a gift for someone else?

Yes! When booking, you can adjust the quantity of the classes. You can indicate that you’d like to gift the course. Please include your recipient’s confirmation email for the necessary course details.

Can I suggest a lecture or seminar topic to you?

Yes, of course! Please send us an email.

The course I want to take is sold out. What should I do?

If a course is sold out, please sign up to be notified of new classes.

If you have questions or concerns about our policies please reach out to us via our contact form.

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