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My memoir, The Rooster House, will be published in English in 2023 by Virago (UK) and Abrams Press (USA). The book tells my family history across four generations as I search for traces of my great-uncle who disappeared during the 1930s, and explore Ukraine’s complex relationship with its Soviet past. It’s also a story about family ties that survive conflicts and turmoil. Here is a publisher’s summary. You can pre-order on Amazon or

The Rooster House has been translated into twelve languages, and the Spanish version titled Mi Ucrania will be published by Lumén on October 23rd, 2022. The Catalan, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and Dutch versions are likewise going to be published this fall. They will be followed by Finnish, Italian, German, Polish, Korean, Chinese, and Portuguese editions in 2023. In translation, the book is titled Red Sirens.

Spanish edition: Mi Ucrania

Catalan edition: La Meva Ucraïna

Dutch edition: Rode Sirenes

Norwegian edition: Røde Sirener

Swedish edition: Röda Sirener

Danish edition: De Røde Sirener

Meanwhile, I will be traveling to promote the book and meet the readers. Hope to see some of you during these trips.

September 19th, 2022

1900 Event at Deichman Bjørvika (main library in Oslo). On stage with Norwegian author Arve Hansen, and moderator Bernhard Mohr.

September 21st, 2022

1800 – 1845 event at Gothenburg City Library  – in conversation with Dorotea Bromberg. The subject: Ukraine’s dramatic history through the eyes of my family story.

September 22nd, 2022

Gothenburg Book Fair

1500 – 1530 ”Ukrainian secrets” seminar at the fair, in one of the big seminar-rooms. 

1630 – 1640 Victoria and Dorotea Brombergs: short talk at Norstedts stage, next to Brombergs stand. Afterwards signing and bookselling at Brombergs stand.

September 23rd, 2022

Gothenburg Book Fair

1300 – 1320 Interview “Se människan” (“See human being”).

1500 – 1525 Interview on the stage of “Globala Torget” (“The global square”). This is a stage for international literature.

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