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A Florentine perfumer, Lorenzo Villoresi, officially opened his house in 1990, with the line currently including 15 fragrances. Created in 1995, Garofano contains lavender, green notes, floral notes, carnation, jasmine, rose, vanilla, heliotrope and musk. However, my initial impression of Garofano was of bright orange slices of melon dripping with honeyed juices. Soon the melon vision fades and the red rose blossoms out of the heart followed by jasmine and carnation. The rose is rather strong at first however it softens considerably and soon peppery carnation paired with exotic lushness of jasmine starts to sparkle. It remains clear and true carnation without powderiness until it is joined in the base by vanillic and buttery sweetness. Carnation becomes thickly overlaid by decadent musky notes. Heavy richness of the base clouds the wonderful sting of carnation, which is what I loved about this fragrance the most. If this fragrance had color and voice, it would be bright orange-red, and it would sing “La Donna Mobile” aria from Rigoletto.

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