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Rebuilding Ukraine Fundraiser

In one year of war, Ukraine has experienced widespread destruction. Many of its cities and villages have been so savagely bombarded by Russia that the familiar landmarks of these places are gone. People lost their homes and their familiar places. Many people also lost their lives during the carnage. For the past few months I’ve been collaborating with Thought Group Chile, a group of architects working to rebuild Ukraine. Cristián Wittig is the director of the group and he is working tirelessly to rebuild Ukrainian cities, particularly Irpin and Chernihiv, the places that suffered the most severe devastation.

Based in Chile, Cristián and his group traveled in Ukraine and are familiar with its realities and its needs. The learnings from his project in Ukraine are vital for other places affected by war or natural disasters. Talking to Cristián, I’ve been appreciating even more how important is the design of public spaces in order to create a feeling of community. Also, how essential it is to choose materials carefully. Part of the reason the destruction has been so severe in Ukraine is the ubiquity of light, unstable constructions on poor foundations.

To help Thought Group Chile, I turn to you and offer this fundraiser. I propose donating to Thought Group Chile, any amount you wish, and in return, you will be entered into a contest for the original-formulation Chanel 28, La Pausa, 200ml/6.8oz. I absolutely love this perfume and I find the original formula to be exceptional, but I’m delighted to contribute this precious item from my collection towards a good cause. The bottle is almost full, as you can see in the photo, and it comes in its original box. I can ship anywhere in the world.

There will also be other prizes including vintage Coty Chypre (please check after the break.)

If you have a bottle of perfume that you would like to contribute for this fundraiser, please contact me. Please let me know the size, condition and where in the world you would be willing to mail it to the eventual winners.

How the contest works: donate any amount you want to donating to Thought Group Chile, email me (boisdejasmin at yahoo dot com) the donation receipt, and you will receive a confirmation from me that you’re entered into the contest.

How the winners will be selected? Randomly.

The contest will run till March 20th. Thank you for participating!

Please feel free to ask questions in the comments section.

Link for PayPal donation account:

QR Code for donating

Extra 30+ prizes

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Doctors Without Borders Fundraiser Result

I have been processing lots of grief lately as I try to understand what’s happening in Ukraine. I haven’t lived there for years, but it’s the place where I was born and that shaped me, and its pain is my pain. When one feels helpless, the best thing is to reach out to others and help someone else. So I decided to hold a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF.) It’s been a while since I’ve been thinking of this idea and looking for the best way to organize it. This year has been challenging for many people around the world, and I know that our community wanted to contribute. We’ve raised over $5000.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is a reputable organization known for its projects all over the globe. They help with children care, offer help to impoverished communities and those experiencing military conflicts. Their structure is quite lean, so it means that the money, even if it’s a small amount, goes a long way.

The fundraiser ran till June 30, 2022, and the winner is Vincent. However, I will leave a link for those who would like to donate anyway.

How to Donate
Click on this link: Donate Now

The prize for this fundraiser was vintage Coty Chypre.

Win Vintage Perfume Class and More : Doctors Without Borders Fundraiser

Bois de Jasmin’s 2016 Doctors Without Borders fundraiser is special. Even before I had a chance to announce it, readers started contacting me with offers to contribute their perfumes to the prize pool. Within the course of a few days we’ve collected dozens of prizes, which means that 57 people (my own prize included) can win something special. Doesn’t this kind of generosity boost our faith in humanity? So I propose donating to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), or Doctors Without Borders, any amount you wish, and in return, you will be entered into a contest for a perfume class with me (regardless of where you’re located in the world) or a number of different vintage and other interesting perfumes courtesy of our big group of fragrance lovers. More details are below. There will be 57 winners.


Prize 1 Perfume Class with Victoria : I will send you a collection of 10 different vintage perfume samples (each sample is between 1/2 and 1 ml, in stoppered glass vials): Guerlain Jicky, Coty Chypre (yes, the iconic chypre!), Guerlain Shalimar, Guerlain Mitsouko, Chanel No 5, Chanel No 22, Caron Tabac Blond, Dior Miss Dior, Shiseido Feminite du Bois, Lancome Tresor (the original version, which smells vastly different from today’s, or depending on availability, another perfume of your choice). A set of paper blotters will be included. Once you receive the package, we will schedule a Skype call and I will give you my “immersion into perfume history” course. I will also give you tips on smelling and describing scents. (Of course, if you’re in the EU and we can easily arrange to meet in person, we can do it this way too.)

Please continue after the break to learn about the other prizes:

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