Mother’s Day: 2 posts

On Natalie Portman and Our Mothers’ Influence

What perfume or fashion habits have you picked up from your mother or grandmother?

“My grandmother will not leave the house without perfect hair and perfect makeup and her splash of perfume,” explained actress Natalie Portman about her “new mom” fashion style. Portman always seems to be well-put together and elegant. Her photos in fashion magazines usually appear in the best-dressed, rather than fashion disaster columns. Still, I liked the quote and the accompanying photos of the movie star in a trench coat and black pumps.

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Our Mothers’ Fragrances : Her Favorite Perfumes


What fragrances do you remember your mother wearing? What are her current favorites?

For many of us, our love for perfume has started out at our mother’s vanity table. A beautiful crystal glass bottle for which she would reach before going out into the world still out of bounds to us seemed irresistible. Applying the perfume, she would suddenly attain a new glamorous air. Sometimes I would ask my mom to scent me as well. I still remember the cold touch of a ground glass stopper on my wrist, the chill of alcohol and then the veil of fragrance that would stay even after my mom would be gone. Those fragrant drops from my mother’s perfume bottles always seemed like some magical potions, guiding me as through my childhood and helping form my own ideas of what it beauty and femininity mean.

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