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Last night, I rearranged my perfume library, as Love in the Afternoon played in the background. Because I know the film by heart, I paid little attention to it until I heard Audrey Hepburn say in her delightful way, “Oh, he exports perfume and imports bananas. There’s a fortune in it. Do you realize that for one bottle of perfume you get twelve bananas?” To which Gary Cooper’s character replies, “Twelve bananas for one bottle of – doesn’t sound like such a hot deal to me.” “It’s a tiny bottle of perfume and very large bananas.” I love this exchange so much that I usually play it again.

Then, I started thinking about other great perfume at the movies moments. Whenever I have any cinema related query, Self-Styled Siren’s blog is where I go. Since Siren is a connoisseur of both films and fragrance, I was not surprised to find several fantastic articles on the subject. I would love to share them with you, because not only are they very well-written, they highlight some cinematic and fragrant gems.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Bonus: What Perfume To Wear to the Movies

Still from Love in the Afternoon

Perfume and Cinema

Belledejour My week has been going from stressful and hectic to more stressful and more hectic. On such occasions I like to escape into the beautiful world of cinema provided by my friend Self-Styled Siren. In the context of Bois de Jasmin, I would like to point out two particularly marvelous articles: Perfume at the Movies Part I and Perfume at the Movies Part II. Thoroughly enjoyable!

Photo: Catherine Deneuve as Séverine Serizy in 1967 film by Luis Buñuel Belle de Jour. This particular scene has Séverine shattering a bottle of Guerlain Mitsouko, which serves as a dark and foreboding touch.

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