Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Collection : Six New Fragrances


Dolce & Gabbana is launching its collection of six new fragrances. The Velvet Collection will be exclusive to Saks5th Avenue. “Six scents, each bearing reference to specific olfactive influence coming from the designers themselves: sweet, wood Velvet Vetiver, raw seductive Velvet Wood, luxurious Velvet Patchouli, sensual Velvet Sublime, decadent Velvet Desire and rich, hypnotic Velvet Love. A collection where tradition and innovation collide in profound accord.”

Velvet Wood

“Inspiration: Lacquered wood. Rich ebony wood offers profound depth, with warm resinous notes yielding to attractive benzoin and a refined black leather. Sophisticated and exotic, abundant with visceral ardor.”

Velvet Patchouli

“Inspiration:  Iconic incense. Intense, luxurious patchouli oil drenched with kephalis cedes to a rich, musky presence. Dominant in present and statement, exudes strength.”

Velvet Vetiver

“Inspiration: The scents of the Mediterranean summer. Classic, sumptuous cologne effect of vetiver and galbanum blend with a contemporary pique of Mediterrenean fig. Solar and understated, with a sense of refined elegance.”

Velvet Desire

“Inspiration: A scented reminiscence of the Renaissance. Fulsome white flowers provoke an explosion of gardenia and intoxicating tuberose. A hint of frangipani offers a sophisticated flourish. Provocative, tantalizing and unashamedly feminine, an expression of timeless sensuality.”

Velvet Love

“Inspiration: Carnations of Lake Como. Redolent carnation flowers envelope oriental notes, giving in to an exhilarating rush of ylang ylang and pepper. Unique, enticing and brimming with youthful allure.”

Velvet Sublime

“Inspiration: the orange groves of Sicily. Sun warmed acqua with a splash of Sicilian mandarin. Joyful orange blossom and neroli reveal their crisp, dewy petals. Romantic, delicate and playful, a symphony of perfection.”

Available at Saks Fifth Avenue in the US and major retailers in Europe. $195/50ml. Via press release




  • Suzanna: This is too Tom Ford-ish for my taste, and none of these sounds terribly interesting. I do love carnation, but I fear something gaudy and overly made up (Velvet Love, what a horrible name, like a porn perfume: Gimme some of that Velvet Love, baby.).

    Hard to find D & G counters in Florida. December 20, 2011 at 9:04am Reply

  • Alexa: Overwhelmed is the optimal word. I don’t even want to begin trying to break down these scents into possibilities. Also, I tend to wonder if the effort to coordinate such a collection of scents doesn’t impinge on each one being allowed to develop to it’s fullest perfection — after all the end product might not “fit” the collective theme.
    Alexa December 20, 2011 at 10:35am Reply

  • Victoria: LOL! I thought the same thing about Velvet Love. On the other hand, I like the sound of Velvet Vetiver, both as a name and a fragrance. 🙂
    I just get overwhelmed by these collections. I wish they started with just 2-3 and then added more. December 20, 2011 at 9:14am Reply

  • Melissa: Some of these sound decent enough, but there is seemingly nothing to distinguish them from the many other collections that have sprung up on the perfume landscape in the last few years. Oh, except for the price. They’re even more expensive than the Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Extraordinaire. A few of those were very nicely done, so I’ll withhold judgement about the D & G. But those names! Velvet Love and Velvet Desire? If I like them and wind up wearing them, I’ll refuse to tell anyone what I’m wearing. December 20, 2011 at 3:28pm Reply

  • Lynn Morgan: Too much is just a good start! I am stoked to sniff all of them, even though Vetiver is not always one f my favourite notes (bad associations; an absolutely bat shit crazy woman I used to now used to drench herself in it). The cheesy names are actually kinda fun, in a sleazy kind of way… Don’t Velvet Desire and Velvet Love sound like strippers or porn starlets? I think I will like Velvet Desire and Velvet Sublime and perhaps even Velvet Patchouli (reminds me of someone I liked a lot). D&G are very good at the sleazy/fun vibe in their clothes (I am still swooning over a black taffeta ballgown they did last winter, with a programe from “La Boheme” at La Scala printed on the bodice- I don’t care if it’s “last year” I want to wear it to the Oscars if I ever get invited), so it doesn’t surprize me that the scents would be the same. December 20, 2011 at 5:23pm Reply

  • Le Critique de Parfum: Velvet Sublime is calling my name big time. Orange blossom and neroli, what’s not to love? ❀ December 20, 2011 at 6:19pm Reply

  • glitteralex: The price point is quite high; they better be good! December 30, 2011 at 4:12am Reply

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