Madonna Wants to Create Whiskey Fragrance and More On Her Second Perfume

Madonna has just launched her first fragrance Madonna Truth or Dare, but she is already planning ahead for more perfume releases. A second fragrance, a follow up to Truth or Dare, is already under development; as WWD reports, “it is due out ‘sometime next year.’ ” Also, the pop star would like to create a men’s fragrance, since her daughter Lourdes likes to wear cologne.

“She likes to wear cologne — don’t ask me why,” the star explained at the New York launch of her first perfume. “I love musk and amber and woody kind of fragrances on men. I love the smell of whiskey — we should make a men’s cologne that smells like whiskey. I can’t drink it, it’s too strong, but it smells amazing — a really good old whiskey.”

Via WWD and Jezebel



  • Martyn: Maybe I’m too cynical, but sometimes I despair. Chandler Burr writes scathingly about celeb perfume designers (and makes Sarah Jessica Parker the exception to the rule). Still, I suppose they do give the big houses another profit line for a while. But is there really much true value in all of this, do you think?

    As for the cologne, I think I am perhaps missing something in the translation between US and UK English. I cannot see the link between Madonna’s child liking to wear cologne and the impetus to create a men’s fragrance. In US English, does the word cologne refer to something that is meant to be worn by men? For me, the classic cologne was the little disc-shaped flask of 4711 that my grandmother always carried in her handbag and on her hankie (the hankie that came out whenever she walked past the cab-drivers’ station with its reek of horse shit).

    To take this a step further still, I have in my drinks cupboard four or five different bottles of what could be called whisky (some with the additional “e”), ranging from Bowmore, which smells of tarry old rope and is not dissimilar to Lapsang Souchong tea, to Jack Daniels, whose odour reminds me of maple syrup with a kick of alcohol in the back of the nose. None of them smells like any of the others, so what on earth can she mean by “a men’s cologne that smells like whiskey”?

    And finally, no, I’m not usually as grumpy as this. It must be the rain that’s pouring down outside. April 18, 2012 at 6:25am Reply

    • Victoria: Martyn, it’s true–the celebrity fragrances are the latest money-making machine for the perfume houses. Some celebrities spend a lot of time on their perfumes, and the results are interesting, or at least, well-crafted and fit their persona. For instance, Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely is a softer version of Narciso Rodriguez, but it is very well-done and I can imagine SJP wearing it. Same with Sean John Unforgivable.

      But it becomes just another mass-marketed product, then yes, there is not much point to it other than money.

      Maybe, Lourdes likes to wear men’s colognes? Not sure, just a guess.

      I agree with you, scotch can vary dramatically in terms of scent and taste! I love the tarry, smoky varieties more for their scent, and I can imagine it might work well as a perfume accord. Jack Daniels has a lipstick aftertaste to me for some reason, like Chanel rose scented lipstick. You’re probably not familiar with it, but I just can’t get this odd association out of my head. 🙂 April 18, 2012 at 9:14am Reply

  • Undina: I like whiskey (as in “drink”) and on more than one occasion I remember thinking: “Hm… This would be interesting as a perfume scent…” But I do not expect any miracles from a celebuscent. April 18, 2012 at 9:52pm Reply

    • Victoria: There was one celebrity fragrance already that included whiskey notes: Alan Cumming cologne. I liked it; it was smoky, dark, very appealing. However, as you might guess, it didn’t have a huge distribution like Madonna’s perfume! April 19, 2012 at 12:21am Reply

      • Undina: I tried only 2nd (Alan) Cumming and it didn’t work for me. But I’m not objective since I disagree with the whole line. April 19, 2012 at 5:35pm Reply

        • Victoria: Oh, I have another whiskey favorite: Demeter Whiskey Tobacco. It was the first fragrance I bought for my husband, and he still keeps that empty bottle. April 19, 2012 at 8:42pm Reply

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