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Favorite Perfumes of 2014 : A Year in Review

While surrounded by perfume bottles and sample vials, I sat down to sum up 2014, I quickly realized that writing anything resembling the best of the year’s launches would be impossible. As much as I tried to keep Bois de Jasmin going, my year was overshadowed by the events in Ukraine, a country where I grew up and where I still have many friends and family members. As my anxieties and worries increased, tracking down new fragrances became less of a priority.

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Then again, how is it even feasible to try most of the 2000+ annual releases? So, Patricia, Elisa, Andy and I decided that instead of the usual “best of 2014”, we will tell you what new perfumes we have discovered, regardless of when they were launched.  I may not have explored as many 2014 debuts, but I still wore plenty of perfume and whenever something new and interesting came my way, I was happy to discover it. If anything, I became more convinced how essential small pleasures are in helping us maintain balance. Calling perfume a luxury misses the entire point. The dose of beauty it brings is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. I think that many of you agree, because my article In the Defense of Guilt-Free Pleasure was the most read piece on Bois de Jasmin this year. (You also enjoyed the story of the Rose Harvest in Grasse, tips on Improving Your Sense of Smell, an overview of Best Jasmine Perfumes and a visit to my Childhood House in Poltava.)

Bois de Jasmin wishes you a wonderful start to 2015 and hopes that the new year will bring you much happiness and joy. We look forward to sharing more stories and perfumes with you.

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