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Donating to Help Turkey and Syria

The disaster in Türkiye and Syria feels close to me. My Turkish teacher is from one of the affected provinces and has lost many friends and family members. I have always enjoyed Gaziantep, and while I haven’t had a chance to visit Syria, it also has a deep significance for me as a place of rich history and culture. When I read the news of the earthquake, my heart is breaking. I keep asking myself what can I do to help?

I put together a few links to charities that are collecting funds. If you have other suggestions, please let me know in the comments.

Doctors Without Borders and Care are two excellent reputable organizations and they are collecting donations.

Turkish Philanthropy Funds works with the Türkiye Earthquake Relief Fund to allocate funds to survivors. They also provide long-term assistance to help residents recover and rebuild.

The White Helmets is an incredible organization with much experience working directly with local communities in Syria. Northwestern Syria has been heavily impacted by the earthquake, not to mention that the region has already been devastated by the war. Tragically, little aid has been reaching Syria, so donating to an organization that works directly on the ground is best.

The Syrian American Medical Society is based in the United States and is another group that delivers emergency aid in Syria.

This brings me to another organization, The Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations. It focuses on helping Syrian refugees in Turkey as well as providing aid within Syria. Syria already suffered immense devastation during the war and the tragedy unfolding there now is beyond belief.

One of the reputable organizations that works with local communities in Turkey is AHBAP. It was founded by the Turkish singer Haluk Levent and is accepting cryptocurrency, in addition to the more traditional forms of payment. It’s doing a commendable job and is recommended by my Turkish friends as well as my Turkish readers.

Save the Children is focusing on helping children in the affected regions. It’s also currently collecting donations.

Photography by Bois de Jasmin: roses, the flowers I associate with both Turkey and Syria.

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