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The Different Company Kashan Rose : Perfume Review


Our recent talk about Mughal empresses, attars and roses reminded me of a perfume I’ve been meaning to review, but it somehow slipped my mind. I mentioned The Different Company’s Kâshân Rose for my FT article about the rose capital of Iran, The Roses of Kashan, but the perfume deserves more attention.

To be fair, it’s not the be-all and end-all of rose perfumes. Kâshân Rose is a bright, transparent composition that seems uncomplicated and linear. Leave the complex stories and intricate turns to the grand roses like Frédéric Malle Portrait of a Lady, Guerlain Nahema or Serge Lutens La Fille de Berlin. Kâshân Rose is about sunlight and pink petals.

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The Different Company Tokyo Bloom, After Midnight, Limon de Cordoza, Sienne d’Orange : New Perfumes

The Different Company has launched its new L’Esprit Cologne Series, a line of four citrus colognes created by perfumer Émilie Coppermann. Tokyo Bloom, After Midnight, Limon de Cordoza, Sienne d’Orange are sold in 90ml (30z) bottles/$120, Eau de Cologne concentration.

Tokyo Bloom
“A refreshing, green Eau de Cologne with basil top notes. Star jasmine and cyclamen petals taint the fragrance with a soft light and an overdose of musk reveals a deep sensual feeling.” It includes notes of basil, dandelion, blackcurrant, jasmine, cyclamen, guaiac wood, musk, amber.

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