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Bois de Jasmin has been covering topics of fragrance, flavor and other sensory pleasures since 2005. It includes product reviews, perfume news, trend overviews, and interviews with perfumers & industry professionals. Weekly features explore interesting flavor combinations, offer suggestions on building fragrance wardrobe and discovering new perfumes.

These pages are a tribute to everything I find fascinating about scents and flavors: the creators; the raw materials; and the discovery of pleasures through smelling and tasting. I believe that being more aware of scents can enrich your life tremendously. It is not just about perfume in the bottle, but about fragrance in a more general way—being mindful of scents when eating, drinking, even walking down the street. Recommended by various publications such as The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Huffington Post, Allure, and Vogue, Bois de Jasmin is also the winner of two Fragrance Foundation FiFi awards for Editorial Excellence.

About Victoria Frolova, Editor and Writer

roses-grasse1I’m a perfume industry analyst and journalist interested in all things scented. After pursuing my graduate work in political science at Yale and later at Duke, I chose instead to follow my passion for fragrance and acquire professional perfumery training. I worked at International Flavors & Fragrances and also collaborated with Michael Edwards, creator of the Fragrances of the World database. Inspired by my mentor, perfumer Sophia Grojsman, I love exploring new accords, coming up with novel olfactory ideas and researching raw materials. I also run fragrance seminars and offer perfumery training courses.

I contribute to Perfumer & Flavorist Magazine and have a regular fragrance column in The Financial Times Magazine. You can find my writing in a variety of other publications, both in print and online: ELLERed Magazine, Flair. You can see the whole list at My Publications page.

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Disclaimer: Bois de Jasmin is a personal blog developed and written by me, Victoria Frolova. I am not paid to recommend anything by anyone and I only write about products that I have sampled myself. I do not write about fragrance brands with which I have been involved as part of my professional career. I do not accept any form of paid topic insertions, sponsored posts, payment for link insertion, posts or product mentions. I use Google AdSense, a third-party keyword based ad system, which reacts automatically to the content on the site. If the sample came from the manufacturer or its PR agency, the source is identified in the review.

About Elisa Gabbert, Contributing Writer


My first brush with perfume greatness came in the form of a bottle of White Linen lotion. About 20 years later, I fell down the rabbit hole after reading Perfumes: The A to Z Guide cover to cover on a flight. Currently I live in Denver and am the content marketing manager at a small software company based in Boston. I also write poetry (with collections including The French Exit and The Self Unstable), and I am a founding member of Denver Poets’ Theater. You can also read my other writing at my blog, The French Exit.

Photograph by Maiz Lucero.

About Andy Gerber, Contributing Writer

I am a student with a love of reading, writing, cooking, collecting and drinking tea, and growing plants of all kinds. At a young age, I developed a natural affinity to everything botanical, and my fascination has never waned since. My interest in the world of scents started a bit later, when I followed my nose out of the garden and into the nearby world of fragrant plants, which are currently my largest area of interest.

About Patricia Torelli, Contributing Writer

PatTphotoAs a young teen, I graduated from my mother’s perfume table to my very own
bottle of Miss Dior. This discovery started a lifelong love of perfume in general and green mossy fragrances in particular. After 30-plus years in the publishing industry, I now work helping out my husband in his office in Boston, Massachusetts. Besides perfume, I love reading long novels and spending many hours at the barn with my horse.

For guest writers and former contributors please see the guest writer page.




Frequent Questions & Answers

Q: What are your credentials for writing about fragrance?  A strong passion for scents! I have learned about fragrance from reading, collecting vintage fragrances, and being professionally trained at International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF). One cannot be an expert in this fascinating subject until one spends a lifetime practicing it, so I have a long way to go.

Q: Why Bois de Jasmin? Bois de Jasmin [bois is pronounced as bwah] can mean either “jasmine wood” or “jasmine forest” in French. It is my fantasy tribute to one of my earliest scent memories: the heady aroma of jasmine vines wrapped around the wooden fence in my grandparents’ garden. Here is how one pronounces Bois de Jasmin (recording by Bela of Frag Name of the Day):

Q: Can our company send you a product to try and review? Your company can send me a small sample—please, no full sized bottles, if possible. I do not guarantee that your product will be reviewed or that a review will be positive. Full bottles will be given away as contest prizes for Bois de Jasmin readers. Bois de Jasmin does not accept gifts.

Q: Can I advertise on Bois de Jasmin? Bois de Jasmin does not accept any advertising from perfume brands directly. It does not engage in any affiliate programs nor does it publish sponsored or paid articles of any kind. Finally, Bois de Jasmin does not sell text links. Any link appearing in the text to an outside site is for informational purposes only.

Q: How does one navigate the site? The main page features only the most recent posts in chronological order. You can also use General Article and Perfume Review directories for further reading. Food and flavor related posts are grouped in the  Gourmand Library. You can read about perfume notes, fragrance terminology and vocabulary in the Perfume Notes directory. The search feature allows browsing through all the posts on the website.

Q: What is your privacy policy? Bois de Jasmin does not release any of the personal information shared on this site. Subscription lists are moderated by third parties and the identities of the subscribers are not released. Although you enter your email address when commenting, it doesn’t appear on the site.

Q: What is your take on copyright? The content of Bois de Jasmin is protected by applicable copyright laws, which prohibit any usage of the material appearing on this site for commercial purposes without explicit consent from the editor. Please respect the time and effort that are put into this venue.

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