Judith Leiber Night : New Fragrance Launch

JudithLeiberFlacon Solo Glamour

Judith Leiber is introducing a new fragrance called Judith Leiber Night, a rich oriental composition structured around a warm amber accord.

“An intriguing mélange of bergamot, black cinnamon, luxurious night blooming jasmine and peony is deepened by addictive Oriental notes of caramelized amber, the spice of lilies, patchouli and creamy woods. A kiss of slow burning incense gives the fragrance its one of a kind signature that makes it so unique.

Judith Leiber Night’s radiant essence is presented in a black-as-night opaque glass flacon embedded with sparkling Swarovski crystal stones. Influenced by the modernity of the Art Deco style, it was inspired by a collection of Judith Leiber handbags that reflect the absolute luxury of this elegant motif.”

Suggested retail price of 2.5 oz bottle is $175.00, 1.3 oz bottle is $115.00. Available, Spring 2011. Via press release


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  • minette: sounds nice – lots of notes i like – i only hope it’s as dark and rich as they promise. her first one smells exactly like a nina ricci face cream from the early ’90s. i truly think they appropriated that formula! March 22, 2011 at 4:22pm Reply

  • Victoria: I smelled Sisley day cream the other day and realized that it smells very much like Cuir de Russie (with a softer leather note!)

    Yes, me too, I hope that it is as dark as they promise. March 22, 2011 at 4:34pm Reply

  • Lynn Morgan: I can’t wait to give this a sniff. I am always and forever in serach of the perfect “dark” perfume, something that will express once and for all the torn fishnets and vintage velvet Goth goddess lurking inside my day to day aging preppie persona! I am a huge fan of Leiber as a designer- every time I go to Neiman Marcus, I pay a visit (and homage!)to her adorable Swarovski crystal encrusted sculpted minaudiere of a long haird daschund- it’s exactly the evening bag and the dog I covet. Alas, it is almost six thousand bucks, so I am much more likely to acquire the dog than the clutch, but it is ravishing.

    A question, though- why are dark fragrances so unpopular and hard to find? I get rather impatient (especially in the winter) with soft, sheer, self-effacing fragrances. The seem rather girlish to me, and in the brillant words of Catherine Zeta-Jones, “Darling- I don’t do cute.” Is there some backlash against the truly womanly, sexy, femme fatale fragrances? I have been so disappointed with various fragrances that flaunt edgy names like “Vendetta” or something “black” or “noir” and they don’t pay off when you smell them. March 24, 2011 at 6:27pm Reply

  • Victoria: Lynn, I am laughing out loud over your clutch vs dog comment. I admire Leiber's work, very original.
    I think that the US tastes in perfume overall just tend to clean and light.
    Have you tried YSL Nu? That's one dark, incense rich perfume (alas, discontinued.) March 25, 2011 at 5:10pm Reply

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