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Natural Perfume Month

“The Artisan Natural Perfumers Guild has named December Natural Perfume Month in recognition of the growing interest in natural fragrances. The first naturally-perfumed gifts associated with the month of December were those given in Bethlehem of frankincense and myrrh.” For more information please check the Artisan Natural Perfumers Guild website. (from press release.)

Signature Scent : Article by Marian Bendeth


Marian Bendeth, the founder of Sixth Scents, is a fragrance expert and consultant based in Toronto, Canada. Before I met Marian, I had read plenty of articles in which she was described as a magician of scent, as someone who was able to nail a person’s personality based on their favorite fragrances. When Marian and I spoke on the phone for the first time and she described me down to my idiosyncrasies based on a selection of my beloved perfumes, I was speechless. Marian’s extensive experience fuels her research on the relationship between fragrance preferences and personality, the emotional effects of perfume and the influence of body chemistry, thus allowing her to offer fascinating insights on all aspects of fragrance. She has also worked with some of the most renowned perfumers and perfume industry professionals on countless perfume projects and has written for a variety of Canadian and online publications. It is a great pleasure to welcome Marian’s contribution to Bois de Jasmin, in which she explores the pros and cons of the signature scent concept.

“It’s my signature scent!!”
By Marian Bendeth …

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Hermes Doblis : Perfume Review


Star rating: 5 stars–outstanding/potential classic, 4 stars–very good, 3 stars–adequate, 2 stars–disappointing, 1 star–poor.

The trend of bespoke perfumery which has been growing steadily over the past few years has never interested me much. After all, almost the entire classical Guerlain line feels as if it were custom made to reflect my taste, from the bittersweet beauty of Après l’Ondée to the windswept elegance of Sous Le Vent. Yet, if I were to name my ideal fragrance, it would be Hermès Doblis. Its soft and gilded presence is always perfect, notwithstanding my mood or the occasion for which it can be worn. The harmony of the composition is almost mesmerizing. From the camomile accented aldehydic top notes that brush like warm sand against the skin to the supple leather base, Doblis never loses its luminousity. If it were music, Doblis would be Beethoven’s Cello Suites. If it were a painting, Doblis would be Raphael’s Fornarina. …

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Tocca Shop : Now Online

In preparation for the holiday season many fragrance companies are introducing the convenient online shopping websites. Tocca has recently launched, where you can purchase all of their products. The first 100 visitors to spend $50 on Tocca shop will get a free Stella candelina, a blood orange scented mini candle. Tocca has recently launched three Eau de Parfums: Florence (bergamot, violet petals, blue iris and blonde wood), Stella (blood orange, spicy lily, white freesia, orchids, sheer musk and sandalwood), and Touch (gardenia, Tahitian tiare flower, pomegranate and Egyptian balsam).

Parfums Gres : History and Tradition


If like me you are an avid admirer of Parfums Grès, from Cabochard to Cabotine and if you are interested in learning more about its history, a wonderful website Parfums Grès will be a great discovery. Besides photos and background on Alix Grès herself, the website features excerpts from Michael Edwards’s French Perfume Legends that revolve around the history of the house as well as a timeline of the entire collection. I have discovered a few fragrances that were new to me: Grès pour Homme (1965), Quiproquo (1976), Eau de Cologne Grès, Eau de Grès (1980), Alix Grès (1981). The water hyacinth scented Chouda (1959) has also captivated me.

Photo: Madame Grès evening gown with peplum, silk jersey, 1940, taken by George Platt Lynes. Please see more information about this stunning gown and photograph from The Met Museum.

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