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Summer Tea : Le Palais des Thes XL Iced Tea Bags

This summer Le Palais des Thés is launching a new line of teas packaged in extra large tea bags, a convenient way to brew a pitcher of iced tea.  The muslin bags are also large enough to allow for the tea leaves to unfurl completely (that’s essential for the best flavor). Each XL tea bag  makes 16 oz of tea (a quart size pitcher requires two bags). There are currently 4 flavors available: Thé du Hammam, Thé des Sources, Thé des Alizés and Wu Long 7 Agrumes.

Thé du Hammam (sweet)

“Inspired by a Turkish recipe, Thé du Hammam evokes the characteristic fragrances used to perfume the hammam: rose, green date, berries and orange flower water. It’s a subtle combination of Chinese green tea and rich, fruity aromas.”

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